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Today is Badass Librarian Day. And since I’m a librarian, I’ve enjoyed being thanked for my badassness throughout the day. All this love got me thinking about the many ways being a librarian is, indeed, a pretty badass occupation:

1. You get to help people find shit. Like a boss. Well noted on lol my thesis.

2. Collaboration? With Artists? Patrons? Scholars? Other Librarians? We love it so hard.

3. Why yes, cardigans, piercings, tweeds, and tattoos do go together. Thank goodness the librarians of the Rhode Island Library Association helped us all to see the light with their “Librarians and Tattoos” Calendar!

No tattoos for me, though (Yet. Sometimes, I fantasize about getting strands of blue Celtic knots on the top of my right foot). But like any good Yalie, I’m rather partial to my pearl set. You know—necklace, bracelet, earrings…and nose stud.

4. We’re super into knowledge (and literacy) for all.

5. We stage creative protests. Remember this awesome campaign masterminded by the librarians of Troy, Michigan, a few years ago? Even today, watching their YouTube video gives me glee!

So, Huzzah for being a (badass) librarian!