I couldn’t make up my mind about what to post this week. I was working on two different pieces: one about Daylight Savings Time and human mortality, the other about giving up the f-word for Lent (and failing horribly). But, I decided to take the advice of my homegirl Jane Austen and: “let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.” I’m not posting either. It’s been a long winter here in New England, and I need a proper giggle, heavily seasoned with joy and mirth. Perhaps you need that, too. And so, I humbly present you with a list of internet frivolity that never fails to make me laugh. Enjoy!

1. Jane Austen Fight Club

Things get real when teacups start to fly.

2. Your LL Bean Boyfriend

Okay, so this tumblr doesn’t make me laugh—but, handsome men, especially handsome men who are thoughtful and outdoorsy, always make me smile.


3. Tom Hiddleston Teaches Cookie Monster Delayed Gratification.

My favorite Sesame Street character and my favorite actor teach our young an important life skill.

P.S. Tom Hiddleston seems to win the internet. Especially if winning the internet involves being cheeky, kind, nerdy, and ridiculously adorable.

4. Last Week Tonight’s YouTube Channel

Oh, I am stupidly fond of John Oliver’s satirical, sensitive, silly masterpiece. I have a big literary crush on the show’s brilliant writing, so I couldn’t choose just one video! Enjoy this channel. Play it on loop. And definitely check out the clips on: FIFA, net neutrality, Warren Harding’s love letters, the Salmon Cannon, Conservatives reading Ayn Rand, Scotland, UK Labour Party’s Barbie bus, U.S. territories, Daylight Saving Time, and Totally Rad GOP Commercials.


Note: John is British and likes to use the f-word (a lot). I do not mind this because the f-word is a very versatile, fascinating word. But, your boss might. This is NSFW.

5. Neil Gaiman Supports the Onion for a Pulitzer Prize

Gaiman is fabulous. He is also British and enjoys using the f-word. This too, is NSFW.